What is an analysis?

"An interpretation of animal traits into human personality characteristics using standard interpretation guidelines determined by the dæmian community."

Guide to Analysis Writing

by Rhiannon

A thorough tutorial on how to write your own analysis, including advice on research, interpretation of traits, and putting it all together.

Writing Analyses

by TAW

An alternate how-to guide that details the analysis process from start to finish.

Reading Analyses

by TAW

A great piece by TAW on things to consider when reading an analysis.

Analysis Index

Here you'll find the master index which includes nearly every dæmon analysis that has been written. For this reason, some are lacking in content or include literal, outdated interpretations of traits. Note the date and quality of the analysis before judging your form based on it.

What is a reverse analysis?

"A description of someone's personality posted in the hopes that others can thereby identify their dæmon form."

What to Expect From Your RA

by Charlie

Advice on how to write your reverse analysis, as well as addressing frequent questions.

Reverse Analyses

The forum's RA board, where members post their RAs both publicly and anonymously.