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This is the place where all the crazy or meaningful things your dæmon has said can be posted on my site. The requirements are as follows: Submit at least five quotes, and instead of putting 'Me' for something you said, replace it with your name or alias. This eliminates confoozledness. =]

Rannock "Rookie" Quotes"
The reason none of the quotes listed below are serious is 'cause Rookie's stern talks go on for a while, so I always forget most of it. ^^;

Okibi: "Ugh... See what I have to work with??"
Rookie: "Yeah. They should all know that when you step foot in your movie-star trailer that the discussion has ENDED!" ::sarcasm::

Okibi: "Is there a reason you're so insane?"
Rookie: "It's 'cause I have to deal with YOU 24-7."
Okibi: "..Heh. That's actually not a terrible answer." ^^;
Rookie: ::grin::

((Showing him a drawing of himself in black coyote form))
Okibi: "Ain't 'e cute?"
Rookie: "Yeah." ::rolls eyes:: "I'd sure like to meet 'im."

Rookie: "It's not your fault you're stupid."
Okibi: "Oh. What a relief." -_-

Rookie: "You know I love you, right?"
Okibi: "Right."
Rookie: "And I would never do anything to hurt you, right?"
Okibi: "Right."
Rookie: "Okay then. So shut the heck up." ::laughs at his own statement::
Okibi: "..Do you really amuse yourself that much?"
Rookie: "I do indeed."

"I'M NOT FUCKING--!" ::takes a deep breath, crosses his arms, and closes his eyes:: "..I'm not mad."

::faked enthusiasm:: "Hah hah! You're RIGHT!" ::frown:: "And no one cares. So quit it."

Person on TV: "I call it the 'Thanks For Making My Life Easier' plan."
Rookie: "Oh. You're welcome."

Rookie: "Kris, aren't you forgetting something?"
Okibi: "What would I be forgetting?"
Rookie: "Your manners!" ::WHACK::

"I'm a dæmon on a mission. Err... even if I don't know what it is yet. I'll have to get back to you on that." >P

((talking about how I can feel extremely timid in certain social situations))
Rookie: "In times like that just remember who you really are!"
Okibi: "..An obnoxious magical ermine?.."
Rookie: "Exactly!"

"So let me get this straight.. You're gonna start packing at 1:30 AM, (even though most of your clothes are dirty and need to be washed), get to bed around 2:30, and probably only get five hours of sleep? ... I think we got a plan, here."

Rookie: "Are you mad at me?"
Okibi: "No. Why should I be? It's my fault more than yours.."
Rookie: "What are you talking about? I'm the one who-- Oh.. wait. You're right. It is your fault."

Okibi: "Just don't get all bouncy, 'k?"
Rookie: "Bouncy? Hey, I don't get bou--"
Okibi: ::raises an eyebrow::
Rookie: "Alright, alright... Fine. I won't." ::grumble::

((Yes, while I'm in the shower. Get over it.))
Rookie: "..Are you alright?"
Okibi: "You're asking me if I'm alright?"
Rookie: "Yeah, you. Who do you think I'm asking? The soap dish?"

((When I randomly switched to "Me Against the Music" on VH1))
Rookie: ::with a sneer on his face:: "I sticketh my tongue out at ye, Ms. Britney Spears!"

Okibi: ::trying to get him from pestering me:: "I'm fine!"
Rookie: "Yeah. A fine mess."

Rookie: ::suddenly looks to the right and growls::
Okibi: "What?"
Rookie: "Wha? I didn't say anything."
Okibi: "No, but you growled. And with you, a growl says a hundred words."
Rookie: "A thousand words, to be exact. And you still need an idea of what I meant? What, do you need a hearing aid or somethin'?"

((I was stupid enough to go outside without a jacket in the middle of December. After taking two steps I zoomed back inside and ran for my closet.))
Okibi: ::mumbling to myself:: "..Need a jacket. It's cold. Really cold."
Rookie: ::sniggers:: "That's my girl. She's a smart one, she is."

((Talking about the name 'Rannock.'))
Okibi: "It's a lovely name fit for a lovely dæmon."
Rookie: "Hmph. Then why don't you ever call me that?" XD

((As I was doing some chore))
Rookie: "Hurry up!"
Okibi: "Why?"
Rookie: ::growls::
Okibi: "Oh, that's right. You don't need a reason."

Okibi: "...You know, I hate it when you do that."
Rookie: "Oh really? Then tell me next time. ...I need to be reminded to do it more often." =P

Okibi: ::frustrated:: "Give me a moment, will ya?"
Rookie: ::looks at me like I just said something completely absurd:: "No."

Rookie: ::little laugh::
Okibi: "What's so funny?"
Rookie: "The fact that I love you."

Rookie: ::grins when he sees everyone is standing to the side of the bus stop:: "Why is nobody up there? There a dead animal or something?"
Okibi: "No, but there'll be a dead coyote if he keeps it up."
Rookie: "Oh, burn. Total burn. You burned me."

Okibi: "Shut up."
Rookie: "Shut up? SHUT UP?! You're telling your darling, precious, one-and-only dæmon to shut up?"
Okibi: "....Yeah."
Rookie: "Oh. Okay then."

Okibi: "Don't you think you have too much faith in me?"
Rookie: "Too much faith in you? My darling child? No, I have just the RIGHT amount of faith in YOU. I have faith in my girl whenever she need it."

((My bookbag's so heavy I nearly fell over))
Rookie: ::laughs:: "Do you need some help?"
Okibi: "It's not funny." >.<
Rookie: ::still laughing:: "Of course it's not."

((Related to above))
Okibi: "Apparently you don't care if my spine SNAPS."
Rookie: "Oh, I care about that. But it's still funny till it happens."

Rookie: "You're gonna catch some disease and DIE! That's what's gonna happen."
Okibi: "Love you, too."

Rookie: "But wouldn't you feel terrible if--"
Okibi: "No."
Rookie: ::jokingly affectionate:: "Oh, how I love it when you cut me off in mid-sentence like that."

Okibi: "Are you mad at me?" (Yes, maybe I ask this question too much)
Rookie: ::only gives me a hard glare in response, but I vaguely get the sense of 'no'::
Okibi: "You know, you could--"
Rookie: ::still glaring:: "Shut up."

Okibi: "What do you think?"
Rookie: ::hiss::
Okibi: "Is that your final answer?"

Rookie: "I think..."
Okibi: ::smile:: "You think you love me."
Rookie: "No. I know that I love you. I think you're insane."

"Kris, as much as I love you..." ::directs me to my wallet and makes me take out $5:: "'re stupid and you would've forgotten."

"Yer even weirder than me, and I'm a singin' magical ermine!"

((Both of us dislike the other calling them by their full name))
Rookie: ::looking over my shoulder into my bookbag:: "Is it in there, Kristina?"
Okibi: "... I believe so, Rannock."
Rookie: "Oh, touché."

"The intelligent Rookie is back! Oh my God! Hide your children!"

Rookie: ::looking at my messy locker with an arched brow:: "I hope you plan to fix that later."
Okibi: "And I hope you plan to shut yer mouth, ya friggin' ferret."
Rookie: ::blinks a few times, laughs, then hugs me:: "Kris, I love you."

Rookie: "Are you calm?"
Okibi: "Yes."
Rookie: "Calm like a--?"
Okibi: ::smack:: -_-
((If you don't know what he was going to say, ask someone on your buddy list XD))

((In the middle of a conversation))
Okibi: "You can think it all you want, but you don't have to voice it."
Rookie: ::yells:: "WHO'S GONNA HEAR ME?"

Rookie: "Kris...?"
Okibi: "Yes?"
Rookie: "...Do I even need to say it?"
Okibi: "What? That this place is a pig pen?"
Rookie: "Hah! Apparently I don't!"

::looking at my un-matching outfit:: "I'm pretty sure you have to make sure sort o' sacrifice to the Fashion God for that."

Rookie: "I don't matter to you, do I?"
Okibi: [jokingly] "You never mattered."
Rookie: "It's 'cause I'm black, isn't it?" ;.;
Okibi: .... ¬_¬

Rookie: "Hm."
Okibi: "'Hm?' That's all you have to say?"
Rookie: "...... Hm like a fox?..."
Okibi: ::glare::

((After I rammed my knee into something))
Rookie: "You'll be okay."
Okibi: "It hurts, though..."
Rookie: ::rolls eyes:: "Yeah, pain usually does."

Okibi: ::spills soy milk on self::
Rookie: ::laughs::
Okibi: ::growls:: "Can you say 'Not helpful in the least?'"
Rookie: "...Not helpful in the least. ?" ::tries to look genuinely confused and shrugs::

[I'm restocking utensils and a spoon falls on the floor]
Rookie: "Pick it up."
Okibi: "I don't wanna." D:
Rookie: "Nice to see you're being mature about this."

[after we spot a license plate that says JILZKAR]
Rookie: "..Nice. I just love how you butcher the English language like that."

[My cat's meowing over his full food bowl like it's empty]
Okibi: "I'm sorry. I guess we'll just have to agree to disagree."
Rookie: "Hmph. Since when does that work? ...Especially on a cat?"

[Annoyed at the cat for attacking my necklaces; toss a toy in front of him that he promptly charges]
Okibi: "Knock yerself out."
Rookie: "Literally, if you please."

[As I'm biking home in the rain without a jacket]
Rookie: "This is so fun! And so dangerous! I can't see a bloody thing! ... And your brakes aren't working! Brilliant!"
Okibi: "Okay, Rookie, I get it. This wasn't a good idea."

Rookie: ::being all loving::
Okibi: "Ugh. Why do you do that?"
Rookie: ::leans on me and muses:: "You're right. Why did I think heaps of affection was the way to express my hatred?"

[I'm sleeping at my grandma's house and grab a striped sheet and a yellow pillow case]
Okibi: "..So they don't match. It's not the end of the world."
Rookie: "Maybe it is. God hates a mismatched set of sheets."

Shadow Quotes

Gabi: "Mornin' Shads."
Shadow: "Na, really?" ::sarcastic look::

Shadow: "What's that?!?" ::pointing to one of my pictures::
Gabi: "A piece of paper." -_-
Shadow: ::grin:: "No, that's my finger pointing."

Shadow: "Gabi, can I tell you a very good piece of useful information?"
Gabi: "What?"
Shadow: "Never criticize someone until you have walked a mile in their shoes. That way when you criticize them you are a mile away from them and you have their shoes." ::grin::
Gabi: ::rolls eyes::

Shadow: "I want to tell you something."
Gabi: "What?"
Shadow: "When life gives you chocolate, eat it, but if it gives you lemons throw them at weird looking houses."

Shadow: ::checking out a 'hot' dæmon:: "This is my human body. Tragically she was born without a personality."
Gabi: "Well then why are YOU still here?"

Shadow: "Did you know...that chocolate is yummy?"
Gabi: "How would you know? You don't eat."

Shadow: "I love you!"
Gabi: "I love you, too."
Shadow: "Good. Now that that is all sorted, I want you to give me......."
Gabi: "What do you want?!?"
Shadow: "I was just asking for a hug. But since we are already on that subject.."
Gabi: ::rolls eyes:: ::gives Shadow a BIG hug::

Zoharias "Zoï" Quotes

((Just before going on a theme park ride))
Catherine: "A butterfly? What the heck are you being a butterfly for? For Pete's sake, can't you be something fiercer?"
Zoï: "Uh... umm..." ::changes into a squirrel::
Catherine: "Hooray for reverse psychology."

Zoï: "You are mashuganuh, you know that?" [Mashuganuh is the Yiddish word for silly or crazy]
Catherine: ::rubbing forehead and sighing:: "You know you have a problem when a shape-shifting lark bunting that doesn't even dwell on this plane of existence calls you mashuganuh."

Zoï: "Your... reputation. You are the girl with no friends at this school to speak of and you walk back and forth in front of a fence all day, and you are worried about your reputation? Catherine, you idiot, you have no reputation to ruin!"

Catherine: "Will you please just shut up?"
Zoï: "No."

((After watching a foreign movie))
Catherine: "Wait a minute... are you speaking to me in Japanese?"
Zoï: "... maaybe."

Catherine: ::grumbling:: "He's lectured me on this again and again and a-friggin'-gain..."
Zoï: ::quite calmly:: "A-friggin'-gain. That's a new one."

((Sung to the tune of 'Are You Sleeping, Brother John'))
Catherine: "Math and Science, math and science,
That is it, that is it,"
Zoï: "That is not too bad, ne?
That is not too bad, ne?"
Catherine: "Yes it is, yes it is."

Gareth Quotes

((Thinking about a rough spot from a long time ago that changed me a lot))
Athena: "That was such a living hell..."
Gareth: "Yeah."
Athena: "That was pretty awful for you too."
Gareth: "Definitely."
Athena: "Sorry about that."
Gareth: "No, you're not."
Athena: "What?"
Gareth: "It's something we needed to happen so we could move on with life."
Athena: "But I'm still sorry to have worried you so much."
Gareth: "No, you need to go through hell to get out of it."

((Walking down the street I realize I just accidentally ignored one of my friends walking the other way))
Athena: ::to myself:: "Now he's going to think I'm a total ass. I always do shit like this--"
Gareth: "Hey, could you please just shut up and stop being such a social hypochondriac?"
Athena: "..."
Gareth: "Thanks."

((Sitting in class. I'm writing notes but not looking up, not even really paying attention, and definitely not thinking about my dæmon. Gareth is sitting on the chair next to me with his front paws on "his" desk...though I wasn't really aware of where he was until he spoke. The monotone psychology professor (whose name is Bob, although students always address him formally) keeps going off on tangents instead of talking about "coping strategies." Apparently "coping strategies" really really interest Gareth...))
Prof: "Now for the coping strategies...Well, wait... Let's take another little side trip..."
((I stop writing. The professor stops talking. I look up to see him looking at me... he sort of chuckles and smiles... My dæmon is horror-struck and just stares at the guy.))
Prof: "Well, I'll go ahead and talk about the strategies now."
Gareth: ::freaks out and jumps to the floor by my feet:: "He HEARD me!!"
Athena: "Well, you did yell..."
Gareth: "I can't believe he HEARD me!"
Athena: "I don't know... that would be a stretch for him to hear... but maybe because he is a psychologist he's more "in tune" with this sort of thing."
Gareth: ::growls, snarls, flicks his tail and keeps scowling at the man::
((I thought this was very weird.))

((Watching some strange movie with people in a mental institution))
Athena: "Wow, she's a nutter all right..."
Gareth: "..said the girl talking to an invisible cat." ::yawn::

((Gareth and I are walking along, and he is carrying on about something or the other that I don't particularly want to keep listening to))
Athena: ::scoffs:: ::"unprojects" Gareth::
Gareth: ::"re-projects" onto my shoulders:: ::scoffs:: "Yeah... Nice try there, Chief..."
Athena: "You know... it's a good thing you aren't a negative influence on my life. Because, seeing as I can't get rid of you, I would have serious issues."
Gareth: "You know... it's a good thing I'm such a positive influence on your life that you are going to keep listening to me right now..."

Athena: "Would you quit being such a smarmy little prick??"
Gareth: "Smarmy?? SMARMY?!?!?! Is that even a WORD?"
Athena: "It is now... I think it's British actually..."
Gareth: "Huh, learn something new every day. {long pause} And just what the hell are you implying that it means?!"
Athena: "I'm implying that you are it. It is bad. Stop being it."
Gareth: "What the-?!?"
Athena: "There you go... being all smarmy again."
Gareth: ::growls::
Athena: "Oh, lighten up... now you're just being the prick part of the insult."
Gareth: "Keh, I find it difficult to make appropriate retorts when you use *fake* words and don't even stop to make up *fake* meanings for them." ::yawn::
Athena: "And *I* find it difficult to live with such a smarmy little kitty cat!!"
Gareth: "First off, I'm no little kitty cat. Secondly, you know, of course, that this only means that the very interior of your being... your very ESSENCE is, in fact, exceptionally "smarmy."" ::roguish smile::
Athena: "Hmm. Indeed."
Gareth: "Well then, we are quite the smarmy pair?"
Athena: "Agreed."
Gareth: "...We're pretending it's a good thing now aren't we?"
Athena: "Of course."
Gareth: ::British accent:: "Excellent! You're looking rather smarmy today!"
Athena: ^_^ ::British:: "As are you my precious dæmon, as are you."
Gareth: ::purrs::

Athena: "Was that Brian walking by?"
Gareth: "I don't know... he's far too generic to be able to tell."
Athena: ""Generic"... Hmm, I'm guessing you don't shine your favor upon him then?"
Gareth: ::sigh::

((I did something, don't remember what... a movement or something))
My friend Caroline: "Hey! You're like a cat!"
Gareth: "DAMN Straight!!!! In more ways than one!!" ::PURRS... looks extremely cute because he's so happy::

Guy: ::is talking to me::
Gareth: ::loudly:: "Yes yes, this is ATHENA... she's a LOVELY human who looks even more LOVELY when she's SMILING!!"
Athena: ::laughs:: ::smiles::
Guy: ::smiles back, keeps talking::
Gareth: "And so you see! I AM always right!"

((On a nice date, the dæmon takes the opportunity to "merrily interject" as he puts it))
Guy: "You look really nice tonight!"
Athena: "Oh, thank you!" ::^_^::
Gareth: ""Really nice"... Yes, but I think a more appropriate phrase would be "Boom BAM Baby!!!""
((We had only seen "The Emperor's New Groove" once, and we couldn't remember what this was from for the longest time))

((Christmas Eve, randomly thinking as I get ready for church))
Athena: "I wonder what Jesus' dæmon would be... maybe a--"
Gareth: "A fish of course!!"
Athena: ::laughs::
Gareth: "That's the REAL meaning behind the symbol... stayed fixed that way while he was walking around on the water... naturally had to be carried around in a bowl thereafter."
Athena: ::dies laughing::

Athena: "Gareth, c'mere!"
Gareth: ::yawn::
Athena: "Get your lazy bum up... HEEERE kitty kitty kitty!!!"
Gareth: O_O "You did NOT just say that to me!!" >(
Athena: ::Sean Connery accent:: "Ooh, I think I did, Trebek!"
Gareth: -.- "And I did NOT just hear you do that sorry impression... cuz you best be steppin' back off dat shiznat."
Athena: "Hhhmm, hypothetically speaking... what if you DID hear me say "kitty kitty kitty," then I DID do a pathetic Connery impression... and then what I said didn't matter at all because you attempted a wanker-cat thing?"
Gareth: "I think, hypothetically speaking, we would gracefully forget the whole ordeal." ::winkwink::

Athena: "It's freeeeeezing... it looks warmer than it really is."
Gareth: "Yeah, I hate that!"
Athena: -.- "Once again, you don't get cold."
Gareth: "Keh! You don't know if, on MY plane of existence, it's ALSO really freezing."
Athena: "Hmm, didn't think of that."
Gareth: ::smug:: "Maybe you should have."
Athena: "...Well? Is it?"
Gareth: "No! Of course not!"
Athena: -_-;;;;;;;;;;;;;

Athena & Gareth: ::are arguing viciously::
Athena: >( "God, it's times like these that I REALLY wish you were material--"
Gareth: >( "Yeah, me too(!!)--"
Athena: "I would KICK YOU--"
Gareth: "And I would BITE YOU!!!"

Brattigan "Brat" Quotes

Brat: "You know, you're really bigheaded sometimes."
Kitty: "ME?? Oh ha ha, what about YOU?"
Brat: "Me? Oh no, I'm perfect."
Kitty: "Exactly!"

((Watching a music video where oiled, silicone-enhanced girls in bikinis pump their hips in a rapper's face))
Kitty: "I would so never do that."
Brat: "Good. 'Cause if you do I'll kick ya butt."
Kitty: "I mean, look at them!"
Brat: "I know! They're totally demeaning themselves by using their bodies in that way to attract negative attention from drooling fat men in front of their TV's at home, promoting sexism and bad stereotypes."
Kitty: "Wow. You're the only guy I know who feels that way."
Brat: ::smile::

((Talking to cousin))
Lionel: "Have you seen - ::BUUUUUUURRP, groan:: - that movie, what was it-"
Brat: ::real affronted, girly voice:: "Guys are disgusting!"
Kitty: "Thank youuu!!"

((I'm in the bath, soaping my toes. Yes, I know.))
Kitty: ::finishes, makes to get out::
Brat: "Hey! Ain't you gonna wash ya hands?"
Kitty: "Why? My feet aren't that bad. I even scrubbed between my toes. That is not natural. That's practically the mark of a clean freak. I soap, I scrub, I soap again. My feet are clean."
Brat: "Still, they're feet. Wash yer hands."
Kitty: "But there's no point, my hands are practically sterile anyway and-"
Brat: ::growl::
Kitty: "-and you're my beloved dæmon and I always listen to what you say."
((Brat got really upset one day so I tried to kid him out of it))
Kitty: "Awww! My poor wookie-woo! Did he get upset? Did he? Aw, poooor wookie-woo!"
Brat: ::firing up at once:: "Hey! You did not just call me that!"
Kitty: "Oooh, Wookie's mad."
Brat: "I'm gonna kill ya! Take that back right now!" (Big fight ensues)
((later: My dog walks by, and yes I am in the habit of greeting my pets))
Kitty: "Hey, wookie-woo."
Brat: ::hurt:: "I thought I was your wookie-woo..."

Kitty: "You know, you are really very selfish."
Brat: "I'm not selfish."
Kitty: "Yes you are."
Brat: "I'm not."
Kitty: "You're selfish and conceited."
Brat: "I'm not selfish and I'm only conceited 'cause I'm wonderful."
Kitty: "Ugh!"