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Putting Things in Perspective

There are definitely those of us out there who, once we start analyzing people's dæmons, just can't stop! If you identify with that statement, this section's for you. The point is to list the dæmons of friends, family, people you admire, etc. Try to include at least nine people, and end the sentence with what their dæmon is. (For examples, look below.) Email me here and I'll add it to the page!

Kirryn's List

My mom is a butcherbird My dad is a silver wolf My best friends are a phoenix, an Artic wolf, and a jewel snake I once loved a raven I was engaged to a chameleon I idolize a German shepherd-wolf cross My favorite teacher is a dove


Astra's List 

My mother is a robin  My step-father is a python constrictor  My best friend of eight years is a common dolphin  My biological father is a grey wolf  My soulsister is currently having settling issues :-D  My mate is a peregrine falcon  My next-door neighbor is a bull terrier, and his father was a lab retriever  My late Great-Uncle (who was like a grandfather) was a lioness (he had a female dæmon), and one of my worst enemies is a starling (we shoot them up here)  My two favorite cousins I grew up with (like brothers) are a german shepherd (the younger) and a red-tail hawk (the older)  My soulbrother (who is fighting in Korea) is a house cat, my biology teacher is a red fox, and my art teacher is a dove


Catherine's List 

My mom is a squirrel  My dad is a seagull  My brother's an Australian sheepdog  My cousins are an English starling, a gray-and-white cat, an Arctic tern, a chow dog, a goat, a porcupine, a dog, a duck, a mink, and three unsettled  My uncles would be a tiger and an English sheepdog  My aunts would be a cat, a goose, and a cardinal  My best friend would be a dolphin  My teachers are a rooster, phoenix, dragon, and bobcat  My pen pal in a pug dog  My other pen-pals over the Internet are a cat, a spider, and a koala bear  A few of my classmates are two Jack Russell terriers, a butterfly, a goldfinch, a Persian cat, a parrot, a badger, a cheetah, a kangaroo, and a weasel


Maia's List 

My dad is a beautiful golden jackal with amazing fur that appears to be about 100 different shades up close  My mum is a ring-tailed lemur  My sister is a oriole blackbird  My best friend is a pygmy marmoset (not a squirrel monkey as I first thought)  My sister's long-term boyfriend is an Alaskan malamute Two of my ex-colleagues are a sand cat or fennec fox, and a hobby


Keira's List

My mom is a sleek black panther with violet eyes My dad is a black cat with white whiskers and ruffled fur My twin brother is a gray or black wolf My friends are a ring-tailed lemur, sugar glider, red panda, Pomeranian or poodle, black panther or red fox, white tiger, coyote, and gray or white wolf; One of my favorite cousins is a black coyote and my favorite neighbors are a snowy owl and snow leopard  My grandma is a calico cat, my aunt is a horse, and my uncle is a monkey


Athena's List

My mother is a very fast, black-footed ferret  My father is an ever-speculating, black and white house cat  My brother is a scraggly, yet tremendously fierce, gray wolf  My sister is a little, very sharp-toothed, brown spider monkey  The people I live with are a white-blonde golden retriever, and a large gray squirrel  One of my closest pals is a goldenly colored hare  Some of my other friends are: a chocolate brown pit bull; a pale badger; an absolutely gorgeous, soft-eyed field mouse  I highly admire: a quiet, yet high-spirited coyote; a quick scissor-tailed fly catcher; a brilliant, black eagle


Brooke's List

My mother is a Canadian goose My younger brother is unsettled My older brother is a cougar My love is a male lion His mother is a wolf, and his sister is a black jaguar My high school friends were a mallard, a margay, and a cockatiel My best friends are a farm duck and a musk ox My friend with a bit of an evil side is a black-backed jackal My crazy-unique friend is a raven And, finally, my grandfather and role-model is a Dakotah shepherd with purple eyes that Nemith gets his from.


Blue's List

My mom is a weasel My dad is a bottlenose dolphin My crazy grandmother is a barn owl My little brother is a jackrabbit My best non-dæmon (but dæmian) friend is a golden lion tamarin Our bandmate is a white rabbit A girl I know at school who I used to be close to and should probably start talking to again is a black cat One of her friends, who, sadly, moved and hasn't been seen since is a raven Another of her friends, a smart, sweet girl everyone likes, is a panda The Benvolio of our school's Romeo and Juliet play is a seagull Another of our fellow actresses is an opossum My favorite singers are a raccoon (maybe my favorite female singer is a raccoon as well?) and a peacock My first and so far only crush was a fennec fox My teachers are (science) a python, (drama) a songbird, (dance) a parrot, and (language arts/social studies) a Persian or Himalayan cat


Anna's List

My mother is a long-tailed weasel My dad is a cougar My brother is a stable jackal My mom's friend is a dalmatian My aunts' dæmons are a leopard, Maine coon, and a gentle coyote My grandmother's dæmon is a beautiful tabby cat My other grandma's dæmon is a mute swan My grandfather is unknown My boyfriend's dæmon is a gray wolf His friend is a black labrador retriever My best friend is a handsome Arctic hare My other friends are: a caring golden retriever and a brown and white mouse My boyfriend's close friend is a tough but lovable and social pit bull My math teacher is a tall but handsome golden mouse with soft eyes My favorite teacher is a coyote Some of my classmates are: a jackal, a butterfly, a red wolf, a maned wolf, and a silver fox and a red fox My dad's best friends are a barn owl and a Jack Russell Terrier