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Dæmon Art


by Me

The first complete drawing I ever did of Rookie in coyote form. His face is perhaps a bit too wide here, but I still love the overall look. The fur, the pose, and the expression are very much like him. I wish I'd made Pax less Disney-esque (she's totally a Nala), but this pic will always be dear to me.

by Maia

This picture is maybe seven years old now, but it will forever be a favorite. I know the front legs don't scream realistic, but the face. OMG. Maia did such a great job on it. :D This picture is Rookie to the Max, and I have the original framed on my wall.

by Cat

Yes, Rookie stole the alias "Curbside Prophet" from Jason Mraz 'cause it seemed like the thing to do. This picture is ancient and beloved like a worn down teddy bear. <3

by Cat

This, for me, is what Rookie would look like were he a cartoon character (back when he still wore his scars like a badge of honor). As you can see, Saturday Morning!Rookie would be awesome incarnate.

by Jory

This picture is badass. :') I love the glowing effect, and her representation does in fact look like a simplified Rookie. Put the two together and how can I not share it?

by Emily

I love this picture so much I want it to marry me! The face is just so expressive and the proportions SO right! This picture could never be just any black coyote - it can only be my Rookie. :3 Love.

by Meg

Here Rookie is a blank-eyed puppet because it was all the rage. Thanks to Meg for giving me a one of a kind picture. I want to scoop the little guy up and carry him around town.

by Emily

I love Emily's artwork and (apparently) the way she draws Rookie. :) She creates a great mix of expressive and realistic that I find is often needed to portray my 'yote. Parallax, too, is obviously drawn with real lionesses in mind.

by Jory

In order to understand this delightful drawing, simply note that I have a forum mod with a maned wolf dæmon and her boyfriend's dæmon is a male cave lion. The similarity isn't obvious, but I'd considered it before. X3

by Li

This piece stands out for its creativeness alone, but I especially like the unique posture and the slight bit of blue contrasting the charcoal color. This picture has a lot of depth, so that even if it's not a perfect representation of Rookie, it still manages to feel right.

by Andrea

This was just a lil' something Andrea did for me, and yet I love it enough to place it in the top twelve. (Clearly she is awesome without having to try.) This coyote looks solid as flesh and bone and yet kind of ethereal at the same time, in a way that captivates me. I like his proportions and his face very much as well.

by Gysti

I adore this drawing for the detail put into it, but I think what really does it for me is the eye. It really brings the picture together and gives it a feeling of warmth.