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Dæmon Art


by Zoe

I figured I'd put something by me in, and I really really like how this one turned out (I draw Luth a lot in my uni notes). It's part of my ongoing 'draw dæmons like the Doctor :D' phase...I felt bad that I hadn't done Luth as the Second Doctor, who is my favourite. Please excuse the nutrition notes on the side, the lined paper and the fact that (despite playing a woodwind instrument for the last 10 years) I managed to get his hands round the wrong way. I was going to flip him, but Luth's fluff is always parted on the same side and it'd be weird.

by Kit

Sleeping, like Lutheus is about 90% of the time (or at least he's pretending to sleep). It's an adorable pose and I love how happy he looks, all curled up like that.

by Kathleen

I love this one (not only because Kathleen is an amazing artist and her colouring is beautiful) because it just captures that mild interest that is Luth's expression most of the time. Because being too interested would be unseemly. The depth in his eyes gets me, and his little feet. I'm like how so many people who draw him make him pigeon toed like that, since he kind of is.

by Shy

Speaking of mild curiousity (plus a little bit of skepticism) and pigeon toed-ness, I love this one too. Really it's the only expression he wears unless I'm so happy or excited that it's bleeding into him. I love his scruffy cheeks too.

by Jordyn

Jordyn's art is always to die for, and I love the way she drew Luth here. It's that look that he gives me when he thinks I've done a good job with something. I also love how she's managed to do that grey speckling that binturongs have in the fur under his belly and on his tail.

by Jory

Man, what the smeg is happening here. I have no idea, but it's fantastic. He doesn't get paid either, mainly because people don't pay for disrespectful commentary at funerals or other such inappropriate situations. But Jory really captured that ridiculous silliness that is Luth every blue moon.

by Starr

I love these things that Starr does, they are ethereal and gorgeous and ever so slightly unnerving. And those little glyphs on his tail are love :D

by Jasmine

Ohgod I love Jasmine's style, and she's always kind enough to scribble Luth every once in a while. She always makes him look so friendly and scruffy and tubby, I love it. I love the way she simplifies form and colours, it's so smooth and lovely to look at.