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Dæmon Art


by Cat

One of the oldest drawings of Killy in existence. He's a particularly fit-looking coyote here, but I think Cat did well at finding that niche between fox and wolf that 'yotes insist on occupying. And lookit all that fuzz.

by TAW

Raised eyebrows are a bit of a common theme with Killy, and this pic captures that perfectly. I'm particularly fond of the eyes in this one; they're just the right shade of mid-brown.

by Kitsune

Inside that cool, detached exterior, Killy is in fact a grumpy old man who thinks kids these days play their music too loudly. This was originally to be part of a larger piece, but although that never made its way to completion, it can be fun trying to work out just what - or who - would be bothering my lad so much.

by Meg

Killy seems a bit perplexed as to just why he is a zombie, but clearly he should stop worrying and just enjoy his lanky legs and adorable little paws.

by TAW

Killy getting into the festive spirit with two daemon pals. Kindly notice that my daemon is the one not making a complete fool out of himself.

by Lane

Take that, Girl With Ermine, my portrait is totally ten times better! It can be a little surreal to look at a picture and really see your own face in it, but the pose and the expressions and just everything is great. It's a visual look at something I so often imagine.

by Seven

A rather realistic Killy showing off his athleticism. This pic makes him look more like a winter-fluff coyote than he actually is, but I love the pose and the cross-hatch shading.

by Acrosanti

I do not have enough words to express my love for this piece. Acro is an unbelievably amazing artist, and I was blown away by my fortune in having her do a sketch for me. The result is Killy, through and through; from the stance to the expression to the colours. The special markings are artistic licence, but it definitely adds, rather than detracts, to the wonder of this piece.

by Alissa

Another portrait of the two of us, only all cartoon'd up. It's the kind of picture you could easily see adorning a children's book, and as such always makes me feel brighter just to look at it. Also I have curly toes and that is awesome.

by Claire

As a fellow coyote, it's no surprise Claire's a master at sketching them. I absolutely adore her unique scribble style, and there is something about this picture that does feel very Killy.

by Zoe

A charming collage-style headshot of my 'yote. I really like the knitting-together of the different colours; it's an interesting way to approach the typical coyote's patchwork fur.

by TAW

If Killy was a water spirit... Drawn to ease a hot summer's day, this piece quickly became one of my favourites for the sheer beauty of it. The serenity in Killy's expression and the absolutely gorgeous texture of the fur mean I can quite honestly spend ages just looking at it.